Wednesday, December 23, 2009

OMG!  I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted anything.  I worked on a few things for a craft fair, however I didn't take any pictures.  This time of the year just sneaks up on you.  Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.  I'll see you w/some new posts in January.  Sherri

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It was my scrapbooking day with the girls at Olomana Golf Course on Sunday.  I always have a great time with them and yes, I even got a few pages done for the kids.  This was the card that I made and what I had the girls make for the shoe box card swap.  It's always nice to get a few different ideas from friends.  I'll post Fran & Mel's card tomorrow.  This is also the card that I'll be sending to Jenny.  She's my OCS buddy for November with Teri's card swap.  Hope she likes it.  Thanks for letting me show you what I've been up to.  I hope to get to do more crafty things this weekend.  Blog with you later.  :o)
Well I had a very busy weekend.  I was helping with a baby shower and I didn't have enough time to do favors for everyone.  We decided to do cupcakes instead of a cake for the shower.  So, I made picks to put in the cupcakes and those were the favors.  I made 50 picks.  Whew, that took all day.  They turned out really nice and everyone loved them.  Yes, the cupcakes were ONO.
Gosh I can't believe I haven't posted anything for a couple of weeks, but I'm back!  hehehe  This is a flip book that I made for one of my husband's friend at work.  They had a little girl.  This is really cute and the 3d butterflies really made it pop.  I hated to give it away.  I hope they like.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here's a picture of my little munchkins all dressed up for Halloween.  They had a good time at their school event.  They did a little trick or treating when we got home. 

I hope everyone had a safe & Happy Halloween. 

Who lives in a Pineapple under the Sea? SpongeBob SquarePants!  Yes, this is what I spent a week working on.  Our theme for the Halloween Party was "Under the Sea".  My girls & I did the characters & the pineapple.  Then I got them where they needed to go and we all had a good time at the party.  I don't want to throw them away, so if any of you know of a daycare or preschool that might like them, please let me know.  All you have to do is pick them up.  Squidward & Patrick do come off the foam boards.

Monday, October 26, 2009

When I started this blog I knew it wouldn't just be for cards.  I do a little bit of everything sewing, cards, scrapbooking, cooking, etc.  My daughter has her first cheer competition on Monday and she has a couple of new girls on her squad.  She reminded me that I needed to make the new girls a bag.  So this was my weekend project.  I finally finished it on Sunday.  The girls really love their bags.  It's big enough to shove all their competition stuff in and extras.  Okay, I'm tired and I'll blog with you later.  Have a great week.  :O)  Peace
I had a very productive weekend.  It was my son's last soccer game, even though he hasn't played since his broken toe.  So Friday night I whipped up these little thank you gifts.  They turned out really nice.  Thank you Fran for the idea.  She made me a really cute Halloween one.  I was going to take it apart to get the measurments, but I figured it out without dismantling it.  :o)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I didn't stay all day for scrapbooking last Sunday, because a friend of mine offered me a ticket to see Areosmith.  Yes, I went.  It was great concert and we had a lot of fun.
These are the cards that we made last Sunday and KoolauKroppers scrapbooking.  We meet the 3rd Sunday every month over at Olamana Golf Course and hang out there all day working on scrapbooking pages or finishing up projects that we have started and yet to finish.  We did a shoebox card swap and these are the cards that we made.  The first one is mine and I'm also using it for my October OCS to Vina.  The daisy is from Fran, the purple one is from Sue and the rose one if from Melody.  We had a great time making these easy cards.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Okay, let me tell you my son LOVES popcorn.  I don't know why.  We used to do the micorwave popcorn, but then it started to smell nasty or atleast to me it did.  So, now I've started making it old school way.  Yes, oil in the pot, pour in the popcorn and shake.  Then you melt the butter and pour it over the popcorn, add your salt or in this case fufukaki & mochi crunch.  Plop yourself down on the couch to watch movies.  Yummy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I found these pictures of a card that I made and I thought it neat.  I saw it on CropStop and thought I'd give it a try.  It is a really simple card and I love how it's "out of the box".  Not your everyday card.  I think this went to my first OCS that Teri orgainizes.  Blog with you laters.  :o)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I haven't always been a card marker.  I started out in crafts doing scrapbooking.  I love scrapbooking!  I have a friend who came to visit me in when I had my 2nd daughter and left me all the paperwork to have a class and maybe be come a consultant.  That was 11 years ago.  I got out of scrapbooking for a long time. So that has put me many years behind.  These are pictures of my kids.  The baby in these pictures is now 7.  I really have to start craking down and get these albums up to date.  The oldest will graduate in another 2 years!  Yikes, where does the time go?  I thought I'd have plenty of time to get things done.  I have tons of pictures but not enough time.  It takes me just as long to do a page that it takes me to do card.  How sad is that. :o( 

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.  I really appreciate all your kind words.  Have a great week and I'll blog at you later.
Well, I haven't sent Jan her cut outs yet, but I did do something really nice.  I made her some cards that she could use when she needed a card.  I've been trying to talk her into taking one of those wonderful classes that Archivers offers all the time.  I told her I was going to sign her up for one and then she'll have to go.  She needs some relax time.  I think she'll love these.  They will all be going out this week and special treat for Emily at Archivers.  I think she'll love some Mac Nuts.  I know I would.  OMG!  The new Hero Arts clings have come out.  I guess I'll be giving her a call real soon.  :O)

Monday, October 12, 2009

My daughter has been wanting to get her hands on my icopic pens for the past month.  My husband brought them back from his trip to Japan.  Yes, those were on my wish list.  :o)  I told her she could use them only if she researched online on the proper way to use them.  She went to YouTube and did her research.  She sat down,drew a picture, proceeded to get out the markers and color away.  This is her first attempt with the pens.  She did a great job!  Now, I may never get my pens back! 

Monday, October 5, 2009

Feeling Witchy

I've never made a Halloween card before, but I remembered that I had bought a Halloween Bella.  So I got her out and this is what I came up with.  She turned out cute.  I'm sending it to Emily at Archivers.  She helped me get some new craft items this weekend.  :O)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

OCS cards

Here are some of the cards that I have received during the OCS with Teri.  The Hello Kitty is from Denise, the pink Halo Halo is from JackieLou, and the last one is from Ilissa. 
I have some more cards to share.  The black one w/the butterfly is from Vina, the woodlands is from Mary Bennett, and the acrylic is from Grace.

And, last but not least the shaker box is from Cyndi and the Ketto is from Shirley.  I just want to say "I loved all my cards".  They are so different and give you lots of ideas how make other cards.  I can't wait to get paired up for the October swap.  :o)  Talk to you soon.  Sherri

Friday, October 2, 2009

Danrie's Backpack

This is Danrie.  She wanted to enter a "draw your own backpack" sponsored by Sharpie.  We bought the backpack and some markers and she went to town.  She did a great job!  We have to wait until 10/18 to start voting.  As soon as I find out more info I'll post it then we can vote for her.  If you win they will produce your backpack next year and sell it in the stores.  I think it's Office Depot.  She's excited.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here's the flip album that I made for a little boy.  It was for one of my husband's co-workers.  I used the Cuttlekids dies.  They are really cute.


Just a little note to say "Sissy" didn't get choosen to sprout.  I"m going to change a few things and she still may come to life.  :O)  I'll be posting (2) more flip books later today, and I also wanted to share all the beautiful cards that I've received during the card swap that I participate in with Teri.  I'll post a couple a day with the names of who made them and I'll post their websites if they have one.  Be happy it's Thursday and just one more day till FRIDAY!!  Aloha

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here's a Tri Fold Card that I have made for Jan.  She is my step mom, but I consider her a friend also, and she is my connection to Archiver's.  I couldn't believe that Colorado Springs has an Archiver's and if I would've known about that when I went to visit for Christmas a couple of years ago, I would of spent my whole vacation at that store.  She has sent me some really cute Archiver's exclusive dies from Quickutz.  Love Archiver's.  I've been trying to get her to take some card classes, but she hasn't done it yet.  So, I hope she will when she gets her card.  I've made her some cute cut outs from the dies she has gotten for me.  I hope she will put them to goo use.

This card wasn't to hard to make, so I think I'll do this one for Fran's shoebox swap next month.  :o)

The dog, panda & bear are from  It was limited edition die and you could make 14 different animals out of this one die.  I can't wait to make the rest.  :O)

Thank you to everyone who has welcomed me to blogland and for all your wonderful comments.  They mean alot to me.  I'll be posting another flip book, this is for a boy and it's sooo cute.  Or atleast I think so.  Talk to all of you soon. Mahalo,  Sherri

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Greeting Farm Wild Sprout Challenge

Well, how is this for a challenge.  Let's draw a Sprout.  I've always wanted to participate in a challenge, but this isn't how I thought I'd start.  A card, scrapbook page, or anything, but not drawing.  They are so darn cute, I had to pick up the challenge by The Greeting Farm and it was called "Design a Spourt."  I had my daughter draw a couple of designs and they turned out really cute. Then I thought heck I can do this too.  So I did it.  I had alot of fun drawing again.

Maybe I'll do some more challenges.  :o)  Or, just post all the beautiful cards I've received in the card swaps I participate in with Teri

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eli's Flip Book

This is my first attempt at a flip book for my niece, Eli.

Welcome Post

Resistance is futile.  So, after a long and drawn out battle with my cohorts, I have succumbed to the pressure of blogland.  Not that I went willingly (may I tell you), but I'm here. 

I'd like to thank my friend Fran who helped me get started.  So she wouldn't have to add me onto her blog and show all my stuff.  And, to my friends Linda & Kyoko for letting me show them my stuff and complain that I should put it on a blog.  :O)

I'm not guaranteeing I will post every day but I will once a week . . . Welcome to my blog spot!