Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Educational Trip to Washington DC, and we need your help

Okay, I'm calling out to all my crafty friends. I need your help. Our holiday card & tag packages went over so well, I'd like to make a card in the drawer package. This would consist of cards for the year (ex: graduation, mother's day, father's day, birthday, halloween, christmas, sympathy, baby shower, wedding, thank you, etc.) I'm hoping to make 10 packages (more if I can get more people) that contain 8 cards and these will be a fundraiser for my daughter's educational trip to Washington DC. Here's where you come in I'd like to get 10 people to help make cards. It should be easy, make (1) card and then you copy it 9 times. If I get 16 people I might be able to make 20 or so sets. :o) You can email me here if you have any questions or want to help and tell me what you'll be making. :O)