Sunday, November 7, 2010

 I have been very busy for this upcoming holiday season.  I'm in a tag swap with Kyoko and been getting some really nice tags to use for the holidays.  So, if you're my partner you'll be getting these cute little ones.  I made all of mine at the same time.  This way I know I'll never be late.  :o)  I've also been participating in another 3x3 card swap with Karen  and this time around we did holiday gift tags.  These are the ones I sent to her for the swap.  It consists of 15 cards and you 15 different ones back, including one of your own.  I love how the reindeers turned out.  Can't wait to see everyone's tags.  :O)

 On my screen they were right side up, however when they downloaded they got turned sideways.  There cute little owls are from Tia my tag swap for August.  They are totally sweet.  Thanks, Tia.

These are the cute tags that I received from Pamela.  She was my tag swap for September.  They are sooo cute and I love the reindeer.  Thanks, Pam.
Well, this is what has been taking all of my spare time.  My daughter is going on an educational trip in 2012 and we have all ready started fundraising.  This is what we are doing.  We've made cards, 3x3 cards, tags & gift card holders and we'll be selling them at some craft fairs. 

 You get (10) items for $10.  I have (10) extra packages made to sell on my own, and if you'd like to contribute to her fundraising event, let me know.  I can meet you or mail it to you.  It will be a mix of both card sets that you see to the left.    I did have some help  from some special friends.  Thanks to Fran, Kyoko, & Linda.  Without you I couldn't of put together (400) cards.  It was a massive job. 

And, last but not least, my tag swap for October, from Kyoko.  You have to love the angels.  They are so adorable.  Thank you Kyoko.  I love them.

OMG!  I can't believe it's been 3 months since I posted something.  Time sure does fly.  Here is the card that I made for Teri and this is the one she made for me.  We were OCS for the month of September.  I love the card.  It is beautiful.
The multicolor card is the one I made for the Island Girls Social, back in August.  I actually won something.  It turned out really cute.  I had a great time at the social got to make new friends, and put faces with blogs that I visit.  Everyone is so talented.

I'm bad, but I'm really late on my October OCS to Mcclain.  It will be in the mail on Monday.  I'll take a picture when I finish.

This beautiful card is from OCS for November Jodi.  I love it. She is so talented and now I have to bling up my card that I'm going to send to her.